Eat This Ladu Daily, It Will Not Increase Weight and There Will Be Many Benefits

Many people nowadays follow a diet. At this time if you want to eat ladu you can try ragi ladu it is beneficial for health and also does not increase weight.

Eat ragi ladu every day
Will not gain weight and can be stored for months
Learn recipes and try today

If you follow a diet, it is forbidden for you to eat the first thing in particular. But today we bring you recipes that keep your weight under control and also make them fun to eat.

So learn how to make ragi ladu and enjoy it.

Ragi is also known by this name

Ragi seeds are also known as figure millet, African millet or nachani. It is widely grown in Africa and Asia. We can make ragi flour from ragi seeds.

The benefits of ragi flour

Cheap ragi in price is very low in fat and rich in calcium. Ragi is therefore considered the best no-dairy source of calcium. Babies who are suffering from lactose intolerance can be fed anything prepared from ragi flour.
Due to the high content of fiber, energy is slowly released from it and blood sugar levels are maintained in a safe range.
Ragi works for the maintenance of young skin, reducing the main amino acids wrinkles in it.
Ragi is one of the few natural grains that contains Vitamin-D. Which is mostly obtained from sunlight or eggs. Ragi can be a good source of vitamin-D for a vegetarian.
It keeps the stomach full for a long time and prevents feeling useless appetite. Over time it reduces appetite and helps in weight loss.

This is how to make ragi ladu


Ragi flour- 250 gms
Round – 200 g
Ghee – 150 g
Cashew nuts modified 12-13 nos
Cardamom powder – half a teaspoon
Charoli – 1 tbsp

ગુજરાતીમાં વાંચો

First heat a pan and add ghee. Mix ragi flour in it and fry by stirring constantly. Keep it on slow gas and fry until fragrant. Add in the gi and then mix the nuts. Break into rounds, shake all the ingredients well. Let everything cool. If necessary, heat a little ghee and mix it and take ladu from that mixture. Close it in an airtight container and store for months. Even if you eat this ladu every day, you will not gain weight and you will be in good health with amazing taste.

Updated: February 6, 2021 — 3:16 pm

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