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Monday, 4 May 2020

Good news came for Surat's diamond industry amid the Koro epidemic, export started- find out here

The entire trade and industry has come to a standstill due to the Corona epidemic. The world economy has collapsed. Millions have become unemployed. Similarly, trade in the diamond industry has come to a standstill. At this stage, there is a glimmer of hope for improvement in such a situation. 10 diamond consignments have been exported from Surat via Mumbai by diamond industrialists.

GJEPC Regional Chairman Dinesh Nawadia said that polished diamonds manufactured in Surat are being exported via Mumbai. Currently there is a quantity of finished diamonds in Mumbai BDB due to lockdown. However, the custom clearance facility is not available in Mumbai at present. Stum clearance facility at Surat has been approved after special presentation. At this stage, 10 diamond consignments have been sent to Mumbai from Surat yesterday. Who left for Hong Kong on Thursday.

Thus, if one wants to bring a diamond parcel from Mumbai and have it cleared at Surat and exported via Mumbai, one has to contact GJEPC. After the conversation with the Surat Collector, the Collector has also shown readiness to give necessary approval in the export oriented operation. On the other hand, BDB president Anup Mehta has spoken. Who have agreed with the counting staff to arrange a diamond retrieval facility within the stipulated time.

On the basis of all these developments, the way has been opened to bring ready-made diamonds from Mumbai and re-export them through operations including allotment and customs clearance at Surat. It is planned to send consignment two days a week. Eight applications have been received so far. He further said that eight units of the gem-jewelery industry are also operational at Sachin SEZ.

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