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Monday, 27 April 2020

3 Hearted fish have green blood, find out why it is so precious

There are many mysterious creatures living in the deep sea. This creature is a hoax in its own right. It is very difficult to see it in the ocean because it changes the color of its body to the color of the space behind it. Almost blinds the enemy. The demand for this creature is very high in the international market.

The most intelligent of all the boneless animals in the ocean. This is called cuttlefish. It also has eight arms like an octopus. From which he catches his own food. Its 120 species are found in the ocean.

The arrangement feature of cuttlefish is that its shell is inside the body instead of outside. This shell is sent inside.

Cuttlefish's eyes are W-shaped. Which are too large. Due to which it can see any living thing at 180 degrees. If we look, cuttlefish cannot detect the difference in colors but it understands because of the creatures and who is the prey or who is the hunter. These eat small fish, crabs, etc.

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