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Friday, 20 January 2017

If you mess up in the base card at home so you can fix


NEW DELHI: Today, every person is essential to your identity and ID is sought everywhere. So, if you have a form to fill out or stay in hotels or gas to get subsidies. ID must have been everywhere and he took an ID request is everywhere the basis of your
If it is something you may have to be disappointed. But if you fear rather than trying to find the solution to the solution of course is to get you. So, depending on your card in your name wrong, you can get right into the net 5 minutes.
The base card in the wrong name at home to recover
1. First you have to open your browser, go to the website, such as Aadhaar -
This includes the opening of the base. Then open the site page and you will find the written Laft Update your Aadhar data on side. Now you open it. After opening it in front of you will come a lot of option.
2. That will get you updated on the written data online. If you open it. He will go to another page on the opening page. On the new page To submit your update / correction request online will get written. You open that link.

3. Now this page will open after having written to you, enter your base number. You must enter the base number. And the text written for the same you put the text verify. Once you press the button OTP.
4. You have the mobile number on it will be an OTP message. You can read it in the box below to enter it. Now after putting you Log-in to the website will be.
5. Log-in Data update request, you must open after. You can do whatever you have to change it. Then you put some documents which will be sought. Then you have to press the button to confirm. BPO Service Privider then click on the option to do. And then you have to make your change submit.

6. After the update by going to the States, enter your base number. You will notice is taken of your Rikwast. Next up you can sign out. A few days later you can Czech name your base card is changed or not

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