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Thursday, 5 January 2017

A sticker will now charge your smartphone, Know How

Through the latest technology will be wireless charging any Ilektronikupakrn. It will be charged with such a device is not wireless charging feature. Such as Apple's iPhone and iPad to be effective in the charge.

Wireless charger developed by French start-up. Its name is Anerjeeskveyr. During the CES trade show in Las Vegas, it witnessed by Sianiti.

Anerjeeskveyr a charging pad and a sticker, which is a tool used behind. Sticker Micro-USB, USB-C or Laitinning supports the two electrodes.

Charging port is connected to the device. Once the device begins charging after being placed on the pad. Sticker is an interruption of the charging port of the device blocks and if you want to charge the device in the normal way, then there is need to remove the sticker.

The company has accepted the blame back on the promise that the advanced version will include a port. Anerjeeskveyr price is $ 89. It includes a charging pad and five sticker.

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