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Tuesday, 20 September 2016

SIM mobile is also gold, the whole process of extracting Know

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SIM mobile phone network problem tends to be chronic. The new album is going to throw the old SIM. But you know that gold is hidden in mobile SIM. Yes, even if it seem strange to hear, but is completely true. Many old gold are fired from mobile SIM. Video of extracting gold from SIM social media have arrived.
Should these Chijen- to extract gold from SIM mobile phone SIM (60 grams) - the gas burner and paint brush and small Klbtta- Fraipan- Weicker and lid (glass jar) - Head of hydrochloric acid, nitric acid Stenoas Glbs- Chloride borax powder Thayosainet- sodium ammonium Metabaislfait-
The more the more there will be SIM-SIM mobile phone Gold Gold will definitely make you more and more because of SIM SIM will be greater, the more gold will. For this you can also buy online SIM reject and destroy.
See Mobile SIM extract gold from the process in this video

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