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Saturday, 24 September 2016

Have you ever made a photocopy of the note!

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Have you ever thought that the note should be made of the color copier. ... If you have ever tried to do not even know and have not. It's so easy to do because it is very difficult to say. The printer will print as soon as you note it will refuse itself. So take a good look Unbelievable.

Impossible to photocopy

Modern scanning device if you have any printer or photocopy of the note and would like to, so it is impossible. As you identify the machine will refuse to print it. It is illegal to do so, even if you want to print the note forcefully refused to print it so the machine will not stop here, sometimes it gets shut down the printer.

You also put a note in the fold, but the printer will be able to detect it and will refuse to print. Now the question that will be coming to mind is why ...


Indeed, the currency of any country is a sign the government is making the time to publish. Each has a small sign on the big notes. Called the Eurion Constellation. It is quite strange patterns in the rough parts of the impression is given.

For example, you can take note of any 100 near the head of a round dot in it you'll see Gandhi, who says Eurion Constellation. The photocopy of the note is inserted in the printer by printing the machine refuses to recognize these dot.

Now it will be putting forward, they also know the mind ...

Photoshop can not even remove scars

If you think that will remove these Eurion Constellation dot through Photoshop, then you are wrong. Photoshop will start as soon as the note to edit it Photoshop software that will identify the sender of any currency has been tampered with. And it immediately 'Error' will tell the command after which you could not use any Fotoshap.

Now, that must be it ... no choice of currency is currency currency.

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