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Sunday, 18 September 2016

Gandhi on rupee Why, no, why not?

yah post Hindi me dekhane ke liye yaha click karekare

Freedom from British India was behind many Krantkarion. He gave his life for the freedom of the nation. India notes (Rs) Why is a photo of Gandhi, not what they replaced? Such a question has risen in the past.

So I was put at Rs Gandhi

Because of this reason is considered the largest in the country or abroad, Gandhi was more recognizable. Everyone knew that. People like India and so many states. They wanted all the people of the state currency notes (Rs) of their state to be a hero.

Hindu-Muslim to come to the fore

Hindu-Muslim was. They wanted people to different customs of their religion on the currency notes to be a brave. Now all kinds of people as many differences.

Gandhiji used to love people of every religion

Gandhi was one such person. Whom every religion, religion and caste people could easily stay. People were also very fond of them as well. Therefore, the nation was called. That's why Gandhi was brought on currency notes. For details, please also tell us before that Gandhiji used Ashok Chakra on the notes.

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